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Spray well Program

Spray well Program

Awareness that chemicals application in the field is something that must occur with responsibility, especially when it comes to resistance management, UPL has been implementing “Spray well” since 2007.

From Itinerant Nature, the program assists farmers/growers from all over Brazil in order to offer assistance for application in diverse cultures and types of sprayers.

Named "Tech Mobile" and at no cost to the farmer, spray well aims to help reduce application losses, worker's exposure to chemicals, the risks of contamination to the environment and food and maximizing benefits of a correct application and use of products.

The project has trained around 54 thousand people, through more than 850 municipalities of 22 states and Federal District (DF), it has evaluated over 500 sprayers. However, these data refer only to the Brazilian territory. Spray Well program has already reached other borders, marking its presence in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, among others.


Since its creation, Spray Well has been recognized for its importance in Brazilian agriculture, receiving several awards, such as: the Best project in Agricultural Practices by ANDEF (2008 and 2012) and the Best Stewardship Programme by Agrow Awards (2012).